It is never too late to be what you might have been.
George Elliot

2-Day Powerful Presentations Course with Matthew Hill: Become a Master of Powerful Presentation for an International Audience! Prague, December 1-2 2015!

In this high energy and interactive learning session we will take you, the Czech presenter and speaker to the next level of competence, power and confidence.

What is your current state of readiness?
Do you feel that you have a good knowledge of the basics of presentation but still want more reaction and excitement from your audience?

Do you feel that not all of your messages land well and it would be useful to understand where your speaking is failing to deliver and connect with your audience?

Does your audience seem to like you and your style but they do not take ACTION?

Do you suffer from pre-presentation nerves and a lack of confidence that you would love to overcome?

Do you feel that, sometimes, the energy of your audience drops during your presentation and you would appreciate learning new presentation and audience management techniques to stop this happening?

Are you ready to move to the next level and obtain authentic engagement with you audience, higher impact and real professional speaking results?

The course:

The participants, a small group of Prague professionals, 4 – 6 people in total, will experience the training and learning journey together. Over two days in Prague, in December 1-2 2015 we will practice, learn and discuss presenting with the explicit aim of improving. Each participant will have their turn to observe, perform and learn from others; to give and receive constructive feedback and to grow as a presenter in a safe and constructive environment.

After the 2 days you will understand and have:

  • A Preparation presentation template
  • A Presentation structure / frame
  • A strong start to your talks
  • A personal “Pitch”
  • A powerful close to your presentation
  • Greater confidence and help with your nerves
  • Better voice projection and breathing technique as well as power and physical balance
  • Visual appeal to your show (and improved motor skills!)
  • A greater understanding of the language of Influence
  • Methods to really engage and connect with your audience
  • The power to call for action, movement and outcomes
  • A preparation check list that could save your reputation

Presentation Outline:

This light-hearted, high energy and engaging session has a serious commercial purpose – to move you from being simply an experienced presenter to performing at an exceptional level in a mindful way.

The training takes place in the context of international business and acknowledges key cultural differences that must be observed when addressing an international audience.

Introductions, Rules and Needs – We will bring out the group’s energy and engage you to get maximum participation and power in the workshop. The participants will be filmed introducing themselves.

Film Examples – Briefly introducing power presentation techniques such as the “V’ structure, contrast, fear and promise, positive vulnerability and delegation. This will be followed with film clips that illustrate some of the techniques we have described. (You will be given some light pre-work which comes in the form of prescribed clips that you are asked to watch and comment upon.)

Picture – A simple exercise extracting people’s processing of an image – This gives the first insight into how your AUDIENCE processes your presentation.

A simple structure to achieve a powerful Introduction - ABCD – We will expand on getting Attention, Selling the Benefit of listening to the speaker, and how the presenter can show their Credibility. Then comes the Direction of the show. Participants will outline their own version of ABCD.

Words – Which words have the power to influence and why? The verbal effects of NLP. The language of rhetoric and oratory – Discussion and exchange.

Pre-Work Preparation – Brief brainstorming on what is the optimal preparation and pre-work with tricks and tips for success. We do not want to spend too much time here but it is essential to cover the most frequent errors and omissions that presenters make.

The Audience’s NEEDS – What are the expectations and unmet emotional needs of your audience? Small exercise – This can be filmed.

Call to Action – How do we rally an audience to decide and move? Methods are explored and you will pick what works best for you.

2 Personal PITCH structures – the “C.C.R.B.” and the “P.I.V.O.” These will be written, practiced and filmed with fun, laughter and feedback.

Voice and Body and Nerves – We will introduce and demonstrate exercises to help projection, tone and clarity as well as improving congruent Non-Verbal Communication NVC. Work on the body is critical in to help channel nervous energy in a constructive way.

What does the Audience HEAR? – Schultz von Thun exercise – the 4 Ears uncovering the agenda with which your audience are processing your speech.

The Virtual Environment – We may use some remote broadcast tools to demonstrate the different qualities required to engage and persuade when using WebEx, Gotomeeting, Lync etc.

Dealing with “Difficult” people – Exploring effective techniques to present without disturbance. With Demonstration and practice.

Feedback – A brief introduction to what constitutes constructive feedback for presenters. The emphasis is on factual and evidence based methods.

PRESENTATION – The participants will put together and present on film and receive constructive feedback from the other delegates.

Summary and Conclusion – What has been covered and learnt. What will the participants take away and use? What are they still struggling with?

Gotomeeting follow up video call to ask; What do the participants remember from the course? What is working? And what is still a challenge?

Film – If you wish, a compilation film can be sent to you – This is particularly useful in providing before and after evidence and personal feedback on body language, tone and repeated vocabulary.


Venue Hotel Savoy, Keplerova 218/6, Prague 1 – Hradcany, 9 am to 5 pm. Networking from 8.30 am.

Price: 850 Euro for 2 days of training with Matthew.

Action: Please book with Eva directly at and kindly provide us your invoicing details.

Thank you.