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Become a Master of Powerful Presentation for an International Audience.

Principal Coaching is pleased to be working with top British Award Winning Presentations trainer and expert, Matthew Hill.

We are happy to publish the first of 3 articles that will help you increase the quality of your presentations, help you to engage and move your audience to take action and help you to feel much more relaxed and confident during your next speech or when standing in front of a larger group of people.

Each of the 3 articles has 5 ideas that you may like to reflect upon and use to become a more effective presenter.

My Personal Invitation - Matthew has agreed to broadcast his presentation webinar (in English!) for the Principal Coaching community on 12th October, 2015, 2PM, Prague time.

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Matthew Hill

Presentation Disasters and 5 tips to help YOU not make them by Matthew Hill

The gap between a person's brain, intellect and expertise and their ability to communicate even a small part of this wisdom to an audience can be wider than the Grand Canyon. I remember meeting one of the deepest thinkers on educating people that the UK has ever produced. He was also one of the worst public speakers an audience has ever had to endure. This irony continues to buzz around my mind.

Below are 5 ideas that you can apply to make sure no one says about YOU, “They seem to really know their stuff. It's a pity their attempt to convey it to the audience is a total failure!”

1. It's not about you

Whilst you are the star, standing under the light, mic in hand and dressed to kill, the point of the presentation is to align your information and message to the desired outcomes of the majority of your audience.
Useful questions before you present might be, “What is their level of knowledge?" “What do they expect today?" “What do they want from this session?"

2. First impressions last

I once tripped over on a stage in Milan in the style of Charlie Chaplin and raised an embarrassingly large laugh from the audience. Unfortunately that was not my intention and things did not flow smoothly from that point on.
An audience will have read your profile and possibly check you out on LinkedIn. They are making an active and tough judgment of you based on your physical appearance.

What does it take to make a fantastic first impression?
Dressing one level smarter than your audience, dry cleaning your dark suit, investing in a decent haircut, considering replacing your glasses with contact lenses, practicing Amy Cuddy’s power poses and firing your BIG GUNS first. All of these represent a good start.

3. Pleasure or pain?

With everything you say you are either engaging more with the audience or distancing them. You may think that filling your presentation with intellectual complexity, esoteric jargon and obfuscating argot will do the job. Wrong - The simpler you are the more you will connect with the audience and the more they will buy what you are selling.

Speed trumps caution
Many presentation coaches warn that excessive speed of presentation will be perceived negatively. This is not the case (with the caveat that you need an audience speaking the same language as you.) As long as you are clear and loud enough your audience will be taken away by the speed at which you deliver your wisdom. Unlike complexity, speed is perceived as a sign of intelligence.

Fluent slick and smooth
Unsurprisingly, a smooth radio delivery will impress an audience. On occasions it will increase your ratings even when you are having an off day, your brain is addled with tiredness or your mind can only manage to operate at half power.

5. Everyone loves a story

Every presentation coach is asked what is the best structure for delivering a presentation. It can be a best man speech, a professor's keynote address at a conference or thanking people at your retirement do. The best way to package information is to give it a familiar dramatic structure - beginning, middle and end, a “V” structure - unleashing tragic chapters that shock your audience followed by an inspiring twist and uplifting ending, or a WW structure like a Dr. Martin Luther King speech that repeatedly takes the audience from the difficult present to a better envisioned future.

Men don't like emotion
Whilst there are some coal mining villages where men can only cry if they are one kilometer underground, most humans, irrespective of gender, enjoy having their feelings taken for a spin. It is diverting and stimulating and always will be.

Human Rights
Please respect the human right of your audience not to be bored within an inch of their life. Practice practice practice until you are fluent and can lose yourself in a story that entertains even you, the speaker.
And if you are not a natural comedian, a presentation is not the place to begin your new stand-up career.
Good luck with the next presentation. I hope you WOW the audience and they give you a standing ovation.

Matthew Hill

Senior presentations trainer, author, professional speaker and coach, Matthew Hill has qualifications in Psychology, NLP, Training quality, Communication and Intercultural training. He has worked in more than 25 countries for companies such as REPSOL, EY, GE and SAP. He has written 2 books, and has made more than 20 CD’s and DVD’s on communication, confidence, leadership, and culture and conflict resolution. Matthew lived in the Czech Republic from 1994 to 2000.

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