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Global Leader of the Future by Marshall Goldsmith

360 Assessment for Leaders in a Globalizing Business Environment

The GLOF assessment is validated by leading international organizations

The Global Leader of the Future (GLOF) 360 assessment has been designed for leaders operating in a globalizing business environment based on in depth research involving CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, 18 global thought leaders and 300 international business executives at 200 organizations of 120 multinationals on 6 continents. The GLOF systematically identifies the skills and competencies that today’s global leaders need to master and shows emerging leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed as effective leaders in a globalizing and competitive business environment.

Survey overview

  • Easy to administer online survey
  • 15 competencies in 5 clusters
  • 72 questions (5 point Likert scale)
  • 3 open questions for verbatim feedback and comments
  • Norm group of 2,800 international leaders from a wide range of countries, ethnicities, ages, organizational levels, industries and education backgrounds

Debriefing report / resources overview

  • 75+ page report in English (Chinese, Spanish, French in 2015)
  • Professionally produced, Marshall Goldsmith branded report
  • Personal and authentic leadership model for each individual leader
  • Extensive resources available: certification binder, guidebook 'Global Leadership, the Next Generation', online resources, e-learning